As a small hands-on design studio we like to contribute in a meaningful way. Heartwaves Design creates videos for change makers and powerful beings. 

Hidden narratives

Scraps of hope is ethnographic and political research about peace building in Aceh, Indonesia by Marjaana Jauhola. The Finnish Cultural Foundation funded making of 12 mini documentaries (4 of them shown below) of lives of people there. We collaborated in those. City of Banda Aceh has gone through rebuilding in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami and thirty years of armed conflict. Aceh is governed by very strict Sharia´s law. Production year: 2015-2017

Peace for whom?

Video collage by Indonesian activist, researcher, poet and dancer Zubaidah Djohar. “Damai Siapa – Peace for Whom?” -poem asks what is the life like for women in Aceh.

From fighter to Sufist healer

Ex-combatant, freedom fighter turned into Sufi-healer and living his life in poverty. Life in Aceh carries many wounds of injustice.

On Motherhood

Cha Cha is Chinese christian woman living in the Islamic Aceh. Her life story has many sorrows from tsunami and hard struggle with her mother. She is a believer of hope.

Being a single mother

A is a single mother and a skillful gardener living in Banda Aceh. Her life is struggle for losing a lot in Tsunami but she does not give up easily.

Trauma healing

A book Five Women, Hundred Lives, stories of trauma and dissociation survivors was published both as a hard copy and as digital copy called VOB (Videos on Book) including 12 videos (2 of them shown below). We are creating a trauma healing community together and aim to be ever more visible. Produced 2016. More of the project

Olivia´s story

Olivia is dancer and survivor of trauma and dissociative disorder. The song is not translated into English but the message is: “If I only could have one day without being broken. If one day was different. If my memories belonged to someone else.”

Irene´s story

Irene´s life story is one of struggle and great strength; leaving a strict religious cult on her own to live in a children´s home, to being mother and skydiving teacher. Following with years of hospital stay and becoming a survivor with new hope. Nowadays she already walks, roller-skates and studies. She says that this peer support started her way up towards healing.

Ethical fashion

Mai Niemi is a Finnish designer, who is inspired by ancient Finnish culture and sustainability. Mai wanted to present her magical Fairytale Fashion for the global markets. Production year 2013.

Ethical bank

What would ethical bank look like? Pankki 2.0 group wanted to present a new banking concept to the Finnish people. Production year 2012. (Finnish language)

Ancient purification

Thaipusam Festival in Malaysia is hindu festival celebrated by the Tamil community. It is a very strong celebration to purify the mind and body. Harsh body piercing, shaving heads of the whole family and carrying ‘paal kudam offerings are taking place. Production year 2013 as part of my travels.

 New ways of learning

Can entrepreneurship change Namibia? What can future Africa look like if young people can put their ideas into practise? This is a short video of business students in the Plemjive collective in Windhoek, Namibia. Production year 2011. In collaboration with TAMK, Tampere University of Applied Science, Finland.

Creative writing

Finnish, internationally known writer and artist Rosa Liksom portraited in the nineties. This documentary was shot in the times of big changes in Finland when visuals, arts, performance theatre, music and writing became much freer in expression. Production year 1991 in collaboration with The Union of Finnish Writers. (Finnish language)

Eating problems

“I found myself repeatedly with an empty fridge. A child inclusive this is not a good combination.” Documentary about me and my own experiences and thoughts about healing from the eating problems. Production year 2015.

These are some of my videos. More in my You Tube channel, for example series for Save the Children, FIN. For Web Design needs, see the home page.

MY MEMORIES OF NEW YORK. I am currently working on a mini documentary about NYC in the eighties, when the city was wild, rough and full of life! It was a revolutionary era of house, rap, hip hop and finally techno music coming and taking over streets and clubs. Visual arts were shown everywhere in the lower Manhattan posh and derelict galleries. Being there and then gave me inspiration that set me to explore the endless paths of creative arts. There is still a touch of NY in everything I design. Such is power of experiencing true love, as I felt NY was in those times.

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